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Wellness Solutions

Access Safe, Reliable Medical Transportation ​for Medicaid Recipients

At Wellness Solutions, we are dedicated to facilitating ​access to medical transportation for Medicaid recipients. ​Our mission is to ensure that eligible individuals receive ​the necessary care without transportation concerns. Our ​services include:

Enrollment Assistance

Guiding Medicaid recipients through the enrollment ​process for transportation services.

Scheduling Support

Helping enrollees book transportation for routine, urgent ​care, or long-distance medical appointments.

Community Focus

Improving healthcare access within our community to ​ensure every recipient receives the care they need.

Customer Service

Providing exceptional support to address any ​transportation-related questions or concerns.

Educational Outreach

Informing enrollees about their transportation options, ​scheduling procedures, and service benefits.

Pre-Arranged Transportation Services

Our pre-arranged transportation services offer reliable ​transport for all needs, including local trips, errands, and ​long-distance journeys.

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Services Provided by our partners

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Medical Appointments

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Adult Day Care Centers

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Dialysis Centers

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Wheelchair Service

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Physical Therapy

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Speech Therapy

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Hospital Discharges

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Acute Care Facilities

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Mental Health Clinics

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Rehabilitation Centers

Imaging Centers

Dental Clinics

Pain Management Clinics

And many more

We service New York City, Nassau & Suffolk County

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How to enroll

Call us toll free at 1-877-777-4454 to get started.

Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire enrollment process, whether it’s setting up your ​account online or arranging your trips directly with Medical Answering Service via web or phone. ​We’re here to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Once enrolled, easily schedule medical appointments with our preffered transportation providers.


What services do you ​provide?

We offer assistance with ​enrollment, scheduling rides, ​and ensuring you get the ​transportation you need for ​medical appointments.

How do you partner ​with Medical ​Taxi Bases​?​

We collaborate with local ​reputable medical taxi bases ​that provides reliable ​transportation. For each ride ​booked, we receive a ​commission from the ​transportation provider.

Is there a cost for your ​assistance?

No, our enrollment and ​scheduling assistance ​services are completely free ​for eligible Medicaid ​recipients.

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